What is "Vintage"? What do we sell?

Vintage Clothing

  1. Vintage clothing is defined as previously-owned clothing, that with age, looks better and maintains style. Time is not the only criteria used  to define vintage, but rather other elements such as enduring style, perceived quality and accrued value. Vintage clothing usually comes from a different era, but the definition should not be confined only in years. (Source: http://www.americanaclassicvintage.com)


In this day in age, who can really define the term "Vintage"? Opinions can vary on this definition.  To sum it up, "Vintage" today is pretty much second hand, pre-owned items that still have value.  Some refer to it as "thrifting".  Thrift stores sell second hand clothing as well as vintage stores.  It's really not much of a difference when you define the two. Some would argue that Vintage Clothes have to come from a certain era.  


Well, lets just say....here at MJ's Closet, we sell the newer modern day vintage clothing or CONTEMPORARY USED CLOTHING.  Whether it's pre-owned, still has tags or was even designed in 2012.....if it's wearable, we'll sell it here!

We sell some of the most fabulous new and pre-owned items from the owner's closet, thrift stores, YOUR friends, OUR friends, you name it! If it's fabulous, we sell it!



Why call some used clothes “vintage”?

In fashion, we take the term vintage from the culture of wine.  Much like you can have a great vintage wine from a few years back, so too can you have a fantastic piece of vintage clothing that is not technically that old.  Like wine, vintage clothing gets better, intensifies in quality and gains value with age.