Lavender Glitter Lip Gloss


Creamy custom lip gloss made with glitter to give a sparkly effect.

Vegan and cruelty free. HIGH QUALITY, non-sticky lip glosses and best of all LONG LASTING!

(If you want a more subtle glitter look or to use as a topper on top of another gloss or lipstick choose the wand tube. If you want to see a lot more of the glitter, wear it by itself and also give a sparkly glitter effect choose the squeeze tube. Squeeze tube can both be worn alone and/or on top of another color and you still see the glitter where as the wand tube if worn alone can still be seen but gives more of a subtle look & comes in a beautiful tube which some people prefer. It's all on your preference!).


  • Base Oil 
  • Versagel
  • Flavor Oil
  • Glitter

Don't forget to choose wand or squeeze tube above for your personal preference!

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