About Us

Meet The Owner 

The Singer/Background Vocalist, Online Store Owner, Designer, Model/Actress, Stylist & Fashionista

With a background in modeling and singing, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Marketing, and a keen eye for fashion, MarQueta otherwise known as M.J, (short for MarQueta Joycelynn) is the true definition of a Jane of All Trades. M.J. was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri migrating to Los Angeles just 3 days after her 20th birthday to go to Fashion School and to start her Modeling career.  Los Angeles is where she currently resides.

Gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Marketing from American Intercontinental University of Los Angeles, Fashion became one of M.J.'s first loves. With currently 15 years worth of experience she has been able to work hands on with some of the best designers and fashion companies in the field including styling, castings, and creative directing entire photoshoots. M.J. also became a custom designer painting, refurbishing and recycling fashion. Visiting thrift stores on a regular basis and turning a vintage outfit into a modern day fit is something she takes great pleasure in not to mention great at what she does.

As a Fashion School graduate, M.J. was inspired from one of her homework assignments to turn it into a real live t-shirt business. Becoming an inspirational t-shirt designer at just 24 years old she was a force to be reckoned with. M.J. has worked in all angles of the fashion industry from creative directing, styling, marketing, merchandising, etc. Because of her love for Fashion she has a great style with her own originality, resulting in a wardrobe that others LOVE. This led to her starting her own Online store formally selling vintage clothes right out of her closet and other great thrift finds which has now turned into www.MJsCloset.net.

When you can't find it we got it!

Here at MJ's Closet we want to give you the feel of shopping in your stylish best friend's closet, but at the convenience of your office or home! So no more trips to your friends house raiding her closet!  You can raid ours right at your fingertips!

In an industry that is filled with so many fashion choices, we know there is a demand for the latest, hottest trends, vintage garments & jewelry. That is why at MJ's Closet, we are so aggressive in our pursuit to obtain the hottest items yet just for you!  Always being on top of the hottest trends, we go after every possible resource to make sure that our customers agree that our items are a must have. 

Each item is carefully hand selected for quality, beauty, and to compliment today's hottest trends and fashion as well. So we make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best prices! We believe any lucky lady...(or guy *shrugs*)... that chooses an item from our shop loves the idea of adding GREAT pieces to her already GREAT and stylish wardrobe.

We promise to provide only the highest standard of customer service so that you will feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after your shopping experience.